Lamu African Concept Store is an idea born out of a collaboration between friends, Safia Benghalia(Spain) and Sheila Njoroge(Kenya), who are passionate about the world of fashion, and have created a social enterprise  run by women that prioritizes people by connecting artisans and designers from different parts of Africa with the European market, using trade to create a positive and lasting impact on local communities.

Our concept store located in the heart of Valencia is a showcase for the emerging African fashion world, where a collection of fashion, home decor, handmade jewelry and accessories is offered with the aim of portraying the talent and beauty of the cultural heritage of the continent and becoming a benchmark for “African Luxury” in Spain.

The brand is inspired by women who want to feel strong, empowered and stylish with their own sense of fashion, daring to stand out and be different.



Safia Benghalia a Spanish entrepreneur with Algerian roots who visited Kenya for the first time in 2012 and immediately fell in love with the country, its people and their vibrant energy so what was supposed to be a short summer vacation became the adventure of a lifetime  as just a few months later she settled down in Mombasa.

Almost ten years later and having resettled back in Spain she wanted  to give something back to the community that gave her so much and help connecting African craftsmanship with her home country so she partnered with her friend Sheila to create Lamu African concept store.


Brought up in Kenya, Nairobi-based Sheila Njoroge developed a strong sense of pride for Kenyan handmade jewelry and accessories at a young age in this she found a kindred spirit in Safi, from an established friendship filled with fun travel, shared values, motivations and personal experiences LAMU was born.

‘I love the concept of producing pieces that challenge assumptions on what it means to be ‘African’ by globally exporting beautifully African-made finished goods that will remain in your wardrobe forever’


As a part of our  initiative to promote handmade products from Africa, we enjoy collaborating with press, stylists, and influencers from around the globe. Our team is more than happy to conduct interviews to give more information on our brand, the products we stock, our artisans and their stories.



Grand opening  (December – 2021) – Valencia-international.com/valencias-first-african-concept-store/